Dr. Andreja Jonoski
Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics , IHE Delft

Andreja Jonoski is an Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics within the Hydroinformatics Chair Group at IHE Delft Institute for water education, with teaching and research responsibilities in hydroinformatics, groundwater modelling, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, coupling of simulation models with optimisation models, decision support systems and Internet- and mobile phone-based distributed applications.

He is originally from Macedonia where he graduated from the University of 'St. Cyril and Methodius' - Skopje, Faculty of Civil Engineering, in 1988. Until 1994 he worked at the Civil Engineering Institute "Macedonia", at the Geotechnics division, first as groundwater hydrologist, and later as head of the division.

He joined IHE Delft in 1994 as participant in the international postgraduate course in groundwater hydrology. In 1996 he obtained his MSc degree in groundwater hydrology with a study on coupling groundwater simulation models with optimisation models for improved design of artificial recharge systems in the Netherlands.

In 1996 he joined the PhD programme of IHE Delft as a Hydroinformatics PhD Research fellow. He defended his PhD Thesis in 2002 on a topic related to the technical and social aspects of development of new kinds of Decision Support Systems which use the electronic networks such as Internet for enabling stakeholder and citizens participation in water- and environment-related decision making processes.

Since 2001 he works as a staff member of the Hydroinformatics Chair Group. He teaches courses in groundwater flow and transport modelling, physically-based catchment modelling, river basin management and hydroinformatics technologies for decision support.

He has been involved in coordination of the Masters Studies in Hydroinformatics, as well as in the development of new educational programmes in hydroinformatics such as the International Masters in Hydroinformatics (IMHI) organised in partnership with Hohai University from China.